Benefits of natural light

Benefits-of-Vitamin-D-from-the-sunHarvest natural daylight into your home and lift your spirits

On a recent list of ‘must haves’ for what people look for when they move home, natural daylight was up there with good location, big family kitchens and landscaped gardens when it came to priority requirements. There’s a unique dimension that only natural light can bring to internal spaces. Daylight improves our sense of well-being, energies us and lifts our mood. In fact, unless you’re count Dracula, everyone loves daylight in their home and workspace. Daylight also gives a sense of additional space and delivers true colours not achieved with artificial light.

Natural daylight is also free at source

Even more annoying than sitting in a dull room that is being lit with artificial light even on the sunniest days, it’s costing you money. Energy costs are expensive and going up every year, with no sign of abating. Harvest natural daylight to harness this sustainable natural source of energy it’s totally free and is also completely environmentally friendly.

Harvest natural daylight to brighten your home

The problem is that, either by poor design or evolution, many buildings have areas that are left with little or no natural light, rendering them dark and uninviting. There will be situations that are beyond help but in the vast majority of cases there is a daylight solution available.

Tubular daylight systems or ‘sun tubes’ as they’re often known are the ideal solution

Cut away with less wood cropThey can normally be fitted easily and quickly to deliver instant results. Even if the dark room has another room above it, the tube can usually be ducted down from the roof to deliver light into the heart of any building.

The usual victims of the daylight draught are landings and bathrooms in two-storey houses. And with the recent move to more people working from home we find ourselves being ask to brighten those gloomy box rooms that have been converted into home offices.

Bungalows are perennial offenders with many areas, particularly corridors, left either lacking or bereft any light. The good news for any bungalow owner is that any room should be able to be turned into a beautifully light, welcoming space in a matter of hours.

So on the basis that no one has ever been heard to say, ‘what a lovely dark home you have’, contact us today or call us today on 01922 497357 and let us flood your world with natural light.