Fakro Light Tunnel

For anyone not familiar with Fakro, their product range is basically a price sensitive version of that offered by Velux

And as with Velux, they feel there is money to be made by offering a sun tunnel option.

Flexible sun tunnel solartube
Flexible solartubes only give a fraction of the daylight compared to rigid systems like Solatube and Solarspot

Like the Velux Sun Tunnel, the Fakro Light Tunnel is available in both rigid and flexible options. This system has been around a while but is mostly supplied through trade merchants directly for builders to install so we’ve not had a lot of experience of it.  The rigid system is probably similar to the Velux in terms of price, and since upgrading to 98% reflectivity is probably similar in performance.

Both systems (rigid and flexible) use a clear dome but there’s nothing there to actually catch the light therefore it’s not clear how it can be any better than the Velux flat panel. It may be that the spherical shape of the dome is more efficient in direct sun as the flat panel can be responsible for reflecting direct light away.

In terms of performance, we’ll discount the flexible system as, at best, it will be as bad as the flexible Velux Sun Tunnel, and at worst (or just plain ‘even worse’) it will be as diabolically bad as the SolaSkylights Sky Tunnel. The rigid option will probably be similar to the Velux so if you’re considering one of those then check the price of Fakro as it may well be cheaper.

Solatube Solarspot rigid sun pipes for maximum daylight
Even the difference of a few percent of reflectivity can make a massive differnce to the amount of daylight delivered.

Fako (Flexible) Pros

  • No worse than the SolaSkylights Sky Tunnel

Fako (Flexible) Cons

  • No better than the Velux flexible Sun Tunnel

Fako (Rigid) Pros

  • Cheaper to buy than the Velux
  • Build quality ok

Fako (Rigid) Cons

  • By the time you’ve factored in the fitting cost, the overall value is not so attractive
  • Short tubes on south-facing roofs only