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What is the best sun pipe?

Norflo Daylight fits a Solarspot to brighten a dark kitchenNorflo Daylight compares the best solar tubes for your home or business

Whatever system you’re considering for your home, at Norflo we’ve either fitted, repaired or replaced virtually all of the them over the last 10 years. During our work I’m often asked ‘which is the best’ so this website is designed to help you choose the best system for you.

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My name is Andrew Booton and my company is Norflo Daylight Services. We have been fitting sun tubes since 2005 in and around the West Midlands and over that time I’ve been able to build up an accurate over view of the market and products. We started out mostly fitting Solatube and Velux systems along with Velux roof windows and Clements Conservation windows and we’ll still fit any system that you want us to. However, if I’m asked what system I recommend there’s one product that stands out from the rest.

Do Sun Pipes actually work?

There’s a common misconception that all sun tubes are fairly similar; a roof fitting, reflective pipe and a ceiling lens – how different can they actually be? If I were to tell you that the amount of light you get can vary between the best and worst by around 1700% (that’s 17 times more from one system to another) you’ll see why making the right choice will greatly affect the light you get into your room.

When choosing yourself you may have a specific criterion that guides you towards a particular brand. It may be that you don’t want to have a dome on your roof, or you like a particular style of ceiling diffuser. Maybe you want to have a tube that can be integrated into a bathroom far or it may simply be decided by budget.

I judge by one criterion only, and that is which system will give my customers to most amount of daylight. And when you think about it, why else would you put a light pipe in to start with? And when we discovered that one system was giving us 70% more light than its next best rival the decision was easy. That’s why our system of choice is the Solarspot.

Norflo Daylight Solarspot InstallersTo help you choose which is best for your application:

Hopefully this will help you make a decision as to the most appropriate system for you, and whether it’s a sun tube or a traditional roof window, call us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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